So I Was Talking to Someone About Why I Believe Westboro Baptist Was FBI or CIA

I’m enjoying my box wine right now, so bear with me…

First, no one is that crazy in an organized fashion.  Oh yeh.  There are crazy people, fo sho.  No one is organized crazy.  I think ISIS is also psyop.  The idea behind both is to portray religious people as somehow being worse than these guys:

I mean these guys show up with posters that are kind of retarded but they’re about as scary or disturbing as a bunch of old people with colorful posters, amirite?

Unlike these types with guns

Or these types

But we don’t really cover them with the same level of anxiety as we do Westboro Baptist or other religious freaks.  Why do you think that is?

I know why I think so, but I’m a suspicious type.  Oh.  Here are the Phelps at a Democratic fundraiser…

Thirty people have become so popular for no reason other than bright colored posters, so call me crazy but I find that difficult to believe that it happened organically during a period of time where we attempted to marginalize religion.

I stopped apologizing for these nuts awhile ago because I don’t think they’re Christian and I don’t think they’re nuts.  I think they’re paid agent provocateurs just like the people that caused trouble during Occupy.

Just a late night alcohol fueled thought.


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