The Best Way to Scam People is to Point Out Other Scams

So MLM aka “direct sales”…yeh…

Today I had to write a PR for a new direct sales system.  Judge me as you will, but when it comes to my writing job I adopt a Showgirls approach:

I was trying to do some research on the topic so that I could perform a miracle (I did, thank you very much) and put out a PR that I felt was responsible, truthful, and also good PR for my client.  Along the way, I discovered this website called

Online Marketing with Vince

Not to throw “Vince” under a bus, but his whole “scam” is to point out the MLM scammers and scam systems to “help others avoid mistakes”.  He does this quite well, true.  What he also does is to point out his personal favorite system and why it is better than the others with a link offsite so that he can make money when you join.

This is the “Your boyfriend is an asshole, I would never treat you that way” approach that works quite well…until you realize that he, too, would treat you that way and your boyfriend was hotter.

The only system that works for anyone other than the person who came up with it is “hard work”.   If these systems were so awesome they would keep them to themselves, but they can’t.  Why?  Because YOU are the system.

Now, I am of the voluntarist live and learn variety EXCEPT when it comes to the elderly.  They shouldn’t have to learn anymore damn lessons.

Anyway, rant over.

Hide yo’ money!


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