Voluntarism and Abortion

It seemed semi-appropriate on Mother’s Day to discuss abortion and voluntarism.  Succinctly put: it’s a decision that is made by other people and never myself.

I do not believe that any “authority” should have power over individual, moral, and personal decisions.  Until such time as sentience and the ability to live outside the womb happens I have no compelling interest under the principles of nonaggression to become involved and even at that point it is a matter of my own heart and discretion.

So what does that mean?  It means that the woman who is three months pregnant and has an abortion should be completely off my radar altogether.  It is only the most absurdist, collectivist standard that compels anyone to think that they should have the authority of force to stop her from doing anything with her own being.  Conversely, the same holds true for the doctor who should be at his or her own discretion to choose whether or not to perform one.

The collectivist, progressive notion that you have a “right to <insert service here>” because you want it, and you want it NOW is no different a mentality than the slave owner who felt he had a right to a particular lifestyle and therefore was within his rights to force them to work against their desire.

There is always some excuse why people feel they are owed the service of others, be it right of conquest or the blessing of the black robes.

When the essential question remains, if you do not own your own body and it’s labor what do you own?

Ironically, the original complaint and charge of abortion rights activists was simply to establish legal domain over one’s body, and instead of stopping there they seek to force others to perform work using their body through the courts.

Unlike cancer or cystic fibrosis, both pregnancy and abortion requires several levels of consent and abdication.  Even if raped, I have the option of going the next day for the Day After pill which is highly effective (as effective as condoms).  While it can be unfortunate for someone whose life is unaccommodating for children, it is not a physical imperative in most cases to have an abortion.  However, if it were I find it highly doubtful in a voluntarist society that ascribes to the NAP that the abortion would not be performed by someone.

So much of progressivism has become the tantrums of spoiled children who have been petted and coddled by government into believing that their wants have become rights and that their rights are somehow more important than the rights of others.

In the progressive world, someone’s “right” to an abortion is more important than the doctor’s “right” to perform labor by his own free will, and thus he is strapped to the scalpel and suction tube by the force of government, under threat of loss of income or fines.  This is now considered a moral position by many today because they have been told for so long that it is a right that they believe it.  Furthermore, once that meme has been established, it also becomes a right to “easy access” and we are now all slaves to the political morality of a given party.

I believe that any individual, woman or man, has a right to do to their body and with their whatever they choose.  This is a consistent position that can be applied to drugs, abortion, transgender reassignment surgery, or any other issue of individual rights.  I have no right to tell two men or two women that they cannot marry or define marriage for them.  I have no right to stop a woman from sucking the baby from her womb, nor does she have the right to dictate my language and tell me its a fetus.  We all only govern ourselves.

It’s a very simple world view, but most don’t like it because on either side of the aisle there are those who just like being able to boss other people around and get their way.

Democrats and Progressives: We have to force people to accept others.

Republicans and Conservatives: We have to stop people from changing how we define marriage.

In both cases, they want to use force against nonviolent people and can justify this with arms, if need be, because might means right.

I live and I let live.  It’s a simple philosophy.

Happy Mother’s Day


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