Absolute Claims and Why I Love Them

It may seem like I’m picking on Hessian but I really think that he/she and I would have a super fun time with a gallon of mead and some Nerf swords.  I love people who are different than I am.  It is those people who bring the joy to your life in that Yin-Yang way.  Anyway, Hessian says:

Absolute claims. Every thing, everyone, all, without exception. These are terms I’ve grown to dislike, and are terms I try to eliminate from my vocabulary. Why I do this is because I am not willing to say things are absolutely true, with a few exceptions. The certainty granted by these kinds of absolute statements are a powerful thing. Both when you talk with others and powerful in how it makes you think.

I think that progressives can be overly serious and way, way too caught up in being correct.  It’s funny that they are so similar to fundamentalists in that they don’t see their own absolutism.  He says he avoids them, and then says one.  When he says: The certainty granted by these kinds of absolute statements are a powerful thing, he’s making an absolute statement because I don’t think they’re so powerful.

He’s saying without saying it, that we are victims of the words of other people.  I disagree.  I am the most mulish, bull-headed person I know.  You could say whatever you want with emphasis and I’ll go, “Okay, so basically I was saying….”

I am Jabba the Hut, he is Bib Fortuna.

Just because someone made an absolute statement or because I made an absolute statement doesn’t mean that you have to be the weak-minded fool that accepts it.  Why am I responsible for your brain?  Why aren’t you?

I love when someone makes an absolute claim because it means they actually took a fucking position on something instead of dancing around on tiptoes.  Without taking a real position you become mired in the possible and never go anywhere.

We need to be proven wrong or proven right to go somewhere, and guess what?  Backwards is also an acceptable solution.  Forward off a cliff is not as good as backwards into the desert.

He/she goes on to say:

If I use terms like all, or every I better mean it, otherwise fundamentally I’m being unintentionally misleading at best, or outright lying at worst. I’ll grant a caveat to (obvious) hyperbole, and although it has a place it still shouldn’t be over used. I find by saying just a few extra words we not only become more truthful, but we can more easily open the door to discussion and the complexities which underlie the world we live on. Well that and just become better communicators, you can get yourself into all kinds of trouble with a careless statement. Particularly when grouping people together.

I agree with this somewhat, but that’s also an absolute.  He/she is saying what he thinks absolutely and that is that he/she believes that you can be more truthful if you are inclusive of complexities in discussion and that your words can cause trouble with grouping people.  Great absolute statement.  I love it!

Anyway, as I was saying…  🙂

I like to be ambiguous sometimes and I like an absolute claim sometimes.  I’m more of the Malcolm X variety that says:

Now, now don’t get me wrong…I also can’t stand people who believe in something that’s wacked out like the people who say “Gays are going to Hell”.  I may respect that they aren’t pussy-footing around about it, but I still think they’re dicks.

For the record, the gays aren’t going to hell.  <=Absolute Statement

I really enjoy absolute claims because I think that they more often than not spark a heated dialogue which gets the blood pumping and reminds you of what you believe in.

Anyway, Hessian–the mead is waiting.  ((blows kiss))


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