Michelle Obama Today Throws Local Police Under the Bus, Ignores FBI Entirely

So I was reading the Guardian, as I am often want to do, and read about the FLOTUS (who I respect 100x more than her husband) saying how she was thrown back by the police and race perceptions.  I thought the entire article was well-put, although some will think she’s stirring the pot, and I felt in general that she was correct and on point about America’s difficulties with race.

Well said, Michelle Obama–also when you die may I have your clothes?  Please?  Okay, thanks.

That said, she ignored the FBI (and CIA) entirely.  It wasn’t just local police that investigated Civil Rights leaders.  It was the FBI who abused their rights and broke the law with absolute impunity.  Because Hoover was gone all that happened was a few shuffling of papers and that was that.  It recently came to light that for forty years DOJ has fudged some evidence in federal cases and did anything happen to anyone over this?


The ACLU put out a paper in 2013 called: Unleashed and Unaccountable.  I encourage you to download and read it.

If you think that local police in Baltimore, New York, and Ferguson are bad…read that.  Read what the FBI does with your tax dollars to ordinary people.

They are kicking in doors, burning people, shooting them, and nothing happens why?

Because you cannot sue the Federal Government.

They are setting up people and creating terror plots themselves to entrap people, but nothing happens why?

Because the beast is not too scary to stand up to…and that’s the truth.

Michelle Obama said nothing about the FBI because she is a well-dressed, funny, lovely lady but also a progressive.  She thinks if they can just tweak this large all powerful beast and treat it well eventually it will change.  You know who else thought that?

Not even the mother of dragons can tame them.  You would think that after 7 years with her husband in office she would know that by now.


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