Tattoos, Nose Rings, Body Augmentation and Trace Cyrus

So the progressives on Celebitchy are talking about how poor Trace Cyrus got thrown out of a restaurant for his tats and how that’s wrong but they were also quick to point out that he has no right to wear a Native American chest plate because that is cultural appropriation.

I see.

Drag queens don’t appropriate female culture by dropping fake babies on the floor or wearing fake breasts.

Eminem and Macklemore don’t appropriate black culture.

People wearing harem pants aren’t appropriating Muslim Culture.

And eating kebabs, Chinese food, Indian food, etc is okay because you can appropriate culture gastronomically, just not in a fashion way.

I can’t keep up with progressives, anyway…so everyone thinks its unfair and wrong and the restaurant should be forced to let him in or something blah blah…

Did I mention I have a nose ring, tats, and multiple piercings?  Yep.  If a restaurant wouldn’t serve me I’d be all, “Okay, I’ll let someone else take my money.”

Then I would yawn and go to Krispy Kremes but I’m easy going like that.

I bring this up because it goes back to the belief that we are somehow entitled to the labor of other people.  We MUST always serve someone who wants to be served.  We MUST always accept that our establishment’s theme can be eroded by throwing out a dress code.  We MUST forget about the years of labor and money we saved and spent to create our business for the person who wants to enjoy it and just be grateful we’re forced to serve them.

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy telling customers “no” for any reason.  It makes me feel “free”.  It puts the “free” in freelancer.  The second someone robs me of that right, I resent them because they’ve made me a slave.

So while I obviously think tattoos are art because I spent serious money on mine and I think nose rings are cool (but sometimes annoying during allergy season), I will accept that other people do not and spend my time with people that do.


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