GOP Is Ready to Join Dems in Demanding Some Federalization of the Police

Scary but that’s why the Psyop that is Ferguson happened.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

The Obama regime is pretending there is a crisis in local policing throughout the country. They have opened 21 investigations into local police departments and forced legally binding agreements on them, agreements that implement leftist ideals based on the assumption that policing is inherently racist and causes crime through escalation.

The GOP is about to join them under pressure from the Obama administration who wants them to believe they must do so or risk looking like bigots.

Revolutionary Communist Party marchers protesting the police.

There are calls from within the GOP to come up with transformational legislation on policing in order to keep that minuscule 5% support from black Americans. Obama is also threatening his own fiats if congress fails to act.

According to leftist ideology, police create crime and their racism causes the unfair incarceration of young black men.

Barack Obama is now elevating the attack on local police to a national crisis…

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