Some Serious Twitter Racism Went Down Today–Believe!

When conservatives and Republicans complain about libertarians not voting for their candidates they should know that their attitude is 100% why we don’t.

I got a tweetful about how Blacks, not “some blacks”, not “a few blacks”, not “poor blacks in inner cities” but “BLACKS” are 1) racist, 2) don’t care about hard work, 3) are violent, 4) some other stuff, and 5) “owned slaves in Africa”

I was told that 50% of all murders are committed by BLACKS to prove that BLACKS are violent.

So I calmly, rationally explained that this is meaningless to me as a justification for why “Blacks” are violent because….

There are 330,000,000 people in the US, illegals included.  There are less than 31,000 murders each year in the entire country.  That means that there is a 1 in 10645.161… chance of being murdered by anyone at all at any time.

You have less than a .0001% chance of being murdered this year, black, white, red, purple.

Now these same crazy “greater than” “rate of” meaningless numbers are used by liberals to say that guns are also scary and should be removed.

People can play with numbers all that want to make them appear the way they want.  They’ll say “Your child will have a greater chance of dying by handgun if you have one in your house than someone who doesn’t.” Duh.  They also have a greater chance of dying from toxoplasmosis if you own a pet, too.

Let’s talk rates…you have as great a chance of being killed by a black person as you do being killed by a gun (killing a liberal and conservative bird with the same stone)…you also have as great a chance of dying from falling out of bed at night.

The media, left and right, is trying to divide us by promoting racism, fears of guns, fears of homophobes, fears of your neighbor…fear, fear. fear.

We have got to stop with this.  We have to embrace love and light before it’s too late.


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