Freddie deBoer is Intelligent, Thoughtful, and Almost as Cute as Kit Harington

I was reading Freddie’s Post on that crazy person Allan Brauer who wished death on the children of those who opposed Obamacare and thought to myself that is is a good and right thing that intelligent men are standing up and exposing the fact that the Emperor (progressivsm) has no clothes on.  Republicans certainly can’t do it because they’re all either drunk off Scotch and can’t form coherent sentences, or they’re in on the game (I suspect this is the case because the alternative is actually decreasing the size of government which they don’t secretly want).

I used to be a progressive.  It feels good to be a progressive.  You are high all the time because you constantly feel right.  Anger releases chemicals in the brain which make you happy.  There was a study done by Tamir and Ford that basically proved that when the anger is “self-righteous” or in defense of someone or something we get an extra pop and our whole body feels good that day.  This is why progressives are now smug in the same way that conservatives were smug between 2001-2005–because they believe they are championing something good and are 100% in the right for doing so.  They literally get high off of bad mouthing people they perceive to be hateful, ironically being hateful themselves as they do it.

I just can’t with these people.  Give me sincerity of thought or nothing.

Because of bipolar politics, we have a swinging pendulum which creates a whiplash effect that is dangerous to the psyche, but effective in preventing rational change.

deBoer was speaking in reference to this:

when he replied with this which makes me feel giddy almost

Manarchist, dudebro …. These are terms that are typically employed as a cudgel against the left by centrist Democrats. They argue for dismissing a particular political argument by presuming that a certain set of people makes that political argument. Which, whatever: a majority of the socialists I’ve known in my life have not been white men, and I’ve known thousands, but who cares, right. The bigger question at this point is what any of that has to do with a guy using Emmett Till’s memory to wage political warfare over a trade agreement. What does manarchism or brocialism or whatever have to do with that ugly comment? Who knows? It doesn’t matter: Bauer knows that those are magic words. He understands how today’s progressive internet works. He understands critique drift. He knows that whatever complaints about him can simply be filtered through third-hand appropriated feminism. Because that’s how we do things, now.

I’m excited that people are waking up to the dangers of progressive culture and its groupthink and reclaiming classical liberalism from the zombie hordes.  I’m glad that people (not me) take the time to ruminate and then cultivate (props to Jesse Jackson rhymespeak) appropriate rebuttals to people I consider cacat con carrion.

I’m also glad to see that so many of my fellow classical liberals are cute.  It makes my ovaries very glad that we will perpetuate cuteness in the years to come.

Look at this cutie

I’ve noticed that many progressives (Not Hessian–I respect him for this) are highly guarded of their comments because they don’t like to be challenged


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