Honor Roll Student Told Boy to Commit Suicide Then Starts Suicide Prevention Org

Interesting day on Twitter…


Michelle Carter is an 18-year old Massachusetts student who, when texted by a friend in the act of committing suicide, allegedly encouraged him to take his life.

I guess she’s facing manslaughter charges because he texted her he was in a car with carbon monoxide fumes and was thinking of getting out and she texted “get back in”.

I’m not sure what to think.  They were only texting so did she even know he was serious, and at the same time…I’m not sure I like this legal precedence that we can be charged for words.  She wasn’t in the garage, she didn’t hold the door locked…granted she’s a bitch but I also kind of think starting organization in his name showed remorse and guilt.

When I was younger we would routinely say stuff like:

Eat shit and die.

Take a long walk off a short pier.

Get lost and don’t come back.

And that was just kids being assholes.  Today, they’re accomplices to murder.

I’m just confused.


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