Josh Duggar, Molestation, Glass Houses and So On

I have always said that child molesters should be fed to bears.  It is an orientation to be a pedophile, just like straight or gay.  Gay people can’t go through conversion therapy to be straight, pedos won’t ever like adults.

So the Duggar family is now back in the news because their son “Josh” molested one of the younger kids.

When this news came to light he was forced to retire from the Family Research Council.  It happened when he was 15.

So here are my thoughts on this sensitive subject:

  1. There are plenty of hungry bears in Yellowstone–don’t believe the hype.  Yogi eats more than Pic-a-nic-a baskets.
  2. Naturally, “Jesus” saved him from a life of pedophiling kids, so Jesus will accept him graciously into Heaven after the bears eat him.
  3. People who delight in this news because they get to scream “hypocrisy” are fuckwits who have forgotten all about the children who were molested.

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.


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