Kit Harington Keeps Me Tolerant of Statists by Exposing my Hypocrisy

We are all selfish hypocrites.  Anyone who says he or she is not is a selfish hypocrite and a liar.  Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio are hypocrites when they make a big deal about the environment then fly private jets or have mansions instead of living in cabins.  Does it mean that their arguments lack substance?  No.

I am a hypocrite about statists given my feelings for Liberal-Democrat Kit Harington.  I think statists are dangerous people who contribute either directly or tacitly to war culture.  Yet I find him hot despite his statist tendencies.

I mean…look at him!

My Future Husband
My Future Husband

I hate statists, but I don’t.  I really just hate the idea of statism, but that doesn’t preclude me from liking individual people.


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