Please Stop Using Freedom and Patriot When You Remove My Rights, K? Thanks.

So today that bullshit known as the “Freedom Act” which really keeps us all less free passed.  Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul have my respect for not voting for that heap of shit, so “hats off to you, lads”.

According to liberal legal think tank the ACLU and the libertarian think tank the Rutherford Institute (gotta give both ends) none of their FOIA requests showed a single conviction in a terror case–what the Patriot Act was sold on–only 1 indictment after 12 years, but TONS of drug trafficking cases used it for convictions.

Hmmmm.  Now, in the 1990s when they tried to sell this shit for that very thing (drug cases) no one took the bait.  When they sell it it for “turrism” and “murrica” suddenly we’re all willing to throw our hands up and roll over instead of riot for our rights.

I’ll leave this post with a message from Dr. King


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