Connor Cruise, Pajiba, and Why People Need to Get Over Themselves

So Pajiba used to be just a movie review site.  I liked that.  It seems like somewhere along  the way all celebrity sites made the switch to being political instead of just reviewing movies and shows.  Awesome.  Can someone start up a movie review site that only reviews movies?  Thanks.  Anyway…I noticed that they decided to do an article called: This Week in Seriously Fuck That Guy, where “Vivian” decides to outrage on Connor Cruise because he made a comment that Caitlyn Jenner doesn’t need to be national news, and why don’t we care about overfishing which is a big problem.  This is what that assburglar had to say about his comment:

Connor Cruise, son of Tom Cruise, who doesn’t believe we as humans should be allowed to care about more than one human being or larger cause at a time. Naturally, our chosen collective cause should be the one he’s passionate about: fish.

First of all, how is he wrong?  The inalienable right of individuals to use their bodies as they please without prohibition by law is sacrosanct.  Nothing prevented him from transforming to a her, and becoming the lovely individual that graced the cover of Vanity Fair.  That is the beauty of individualism over collectivism.  She was not prevented from doing it in spite of the feelings of others that it is a mental disorder.  Individual decision prevailed.

It is nothing to my life, nor anyone else’s.  However, overfishing is a collective problem.  The NSA is a collective problem.  CIA manipulation of foreign affairs is a collective problem.  The drug war–collective.  People quite frankly ought to care more about issues that effect the population over the individual love lives, medical decisions, or personal decisions of celebrities–but we don’t.

In all Vivian’s sanctimonious outrage never once does she acknowledge that she only knows about this transformation because the nation glorified the Kardassian clan as idols.  Bruce Jenner was about as relevant to America before that show as Mary Lou Retten (SP?) or any other athlete from the 70s.  Most of the people gushing now weren’t even born when Bruce Jenner won whatever he won in the Olympics.  It is celebrity culture that is actually being glorified, not a transfiguration.

Millions of transpeople make the transition daily without famous photographers and makeup artists working them over before selling the exact right photo to make them look beautiful.  Not all trans people have the opportunity for plastic surgery.  Not all transpeople have this support network, and much like normal girls who look to magazines at airbrushed models and think “why can’t I look like that?” -there are transfemales out there who looked at the cover and instead of being “proud” said: “I wish that was me”.

I support Caitlyn’s choice because I support the rights of individuals to live their lives in peace from government intervention and to make themselves happy as long as they do not hurt others.

What I will NOT do is pretend that this is a groundbreaking event that should have overshadowed what happened Monday in our Senate, nor should it overshadow the trade agreement going on now, nor should it overshadow the systematic loss of rights that has been occurring almost daily in the United States since our lovely Congress decided that they have to make laws every day instead of go home half the year like they used to.

There is a huge war brewing in the Middle East but most of the people hanging on this celebrity idolatry do not seem to notice.

So no, Connor Cruise didn’t deserve the callout, and Vivian’s an asshole for doing it.  There is a thing called “priorities” and everyone is allowed to have them.


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