Why the Duggars Should Just Stop and Reflect, Like Really…Stop. Just Stop.

I am a sinner.

Yes, it’s true.  Hard to believe that I make mistakes, but it’s true.  I am a sinner.  A huge, mega major sinner.  If I were to have a reality television program where I came out against drugs, alcohol, and rock & roll everyone who went to college with me would be all over TMZ calling me a hypocrite…and they would be right to do so.

As someone with tattoos I can’t talk about people who have had plastic surgery without being a hypocrite about body modification.

As someone who wasn’t married to the person I was sleeping with (just being honest) I can’t talk about the sins of others without being a hypocrite.

Now, being a hypocrite does not at all invalidate the logic behind one’s argument.  It just means you’re probably not the right person to be making it.  The person speaking, right or wrong, has a lot to do with the message being delivered.  In fact, it’s probably on par with the message.

Watching the Duggars talk about liberal persecution and how their “private lives” should never have been made public made me want to hurl.  It also made me want to pimp slap them and tell them never to talk about Jesus again publicly.

I am a huge Jesus fan.  I love Jesus.  I mean, Jesus is my main man, my god, my everything.  I am that sinner who was forgiven 5,000 which is why I love my master more.

So when people make him look bad with all their hate and judgment I get pissy.  When they make him and me look bad because they’re also hypocrites I get angry and write blogs about it.

They should shut their cakeholes, walk away from television and repair their family.  They need to take a close look at their brand of Christianity which denies that the sexual sovereignty of their daughters is their own–because it is.  Your body, your sexual sovereignty belongs to you, not your father or your future husband.  You.

Modesty does not prevent sexual assault.  If it did, elderly women would not be a high percentage of rape victims.  If modesty prevented sexual assault their sick brother wouldn’t have felt them up in their pajamas which I’m sure look like something Laura Ingalls Wilder wore to bed.

Sex crimes belong to the person committing them.  NO ONE ELSE.  Josh was not tempted by his sisters, he was a sick fucking kid who molested his sisters.  Yes, he probably does feel bad.  Most pedophiles feel bad.  Feeling bad does not mean you won’t do it again.

We all know our hearts and heads.  We know when we do wrong we honestly feel bad.  It’s not a show.  We feel guilt and we feel bad about whatever it was we did.  Feeling bad doesn’t change that we did it, nor does it mean we won’t do it again.  Sometimes we honestly cannot help ourselves and that is why he should have been sent out of that house for REAL counseling and even medicated to prevent him from doing it again…because chances are, he will.

Their black and white world does not see the complexity of human action because they don’t think in terms of chemicals, brain scarring, neurology or any of the other determinants that persist internally and help shape our predilections.  They see “sinful” and “un-sinful”.

Perhaps, Jesus’ comments on not judging lest ye be judged was because he actually had that understanding of human frailty because he was “God”, and that’s why neither the prophets or Paul “got that” and wanted to return to a world of judging.

We like to judge because scorecards make us feel better about ourselves.  I’m very sinful so of course I love to talk about murderers because they make me feel less “sinny”.  The problem is their judgments have now placed all of us Christians under the finger-pointy glare of progressive gotcha culture and that sucks.

Ironically, the same people who say we shouldn’t generalize and group, like to group.  They will group me and Tony Burgess and others like us right along with these people because that’s how collectivist mindsets work.

The Duggars need to stop.  Close their mouths.  Accept the humbling and get holy.  Not because the TV show lets them have 20 million kids and feed them all, but because their family needs repair.  Samson and David both had to be humbled before God returned a favorable eye to them.  That’s the Duggars right now.

That’s the responsibility that comes with being a public Christian with a television show where you try to promote your values over someone else’s.

And as for the daughters…they remind me of Lena Dunham’s sister’s “forgiveness” for her promotion of sick and boundary-less behavior through her book.  It seems like people who want to keep the money and fame rolling in, not the actual reactions of real people.

Regardless of their “forgiveness” the truth remains: People in glass houses should not throw stones.


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