And the Humor Continues: Progressive is Eaten by His Own for Not Hating The Witcher

So I was reading this review from another Polack like me, about The Witcher 3.  What’s amusing about this review is that the writer goes to great pains to explain why he’s a true liberal and not some conservative butthole or whatever–I would really hate to live in a world where I was so fearful of being unliked by others of my “group” that I actually felt the need to constantly maintain my liberalness for fear of losing support from people.  I got into a HUGE fight with a bunch of other voluntarists the other day and it was pure beauty because we don’t place obligations on each other of perfection. The great irony of the left is that this proves how intolerant the allegedly pro-tolerance people really are about disagreement.  Exact quote from the writer (Dave Bleja):

First, let me clarify where I’m coming from.

I’m no reactionary or anti-political-correctness crusader. I’m what many people would call a bleeding-heart liberal. I’ve never voted for the Labor or Liberal parties (the Australian equivalents of the Democrats and Republicans, respectively) because I find them both too conservative. I’ve always voted for the very liberal Greens instead.

So right away he’s trying to prove his liberal street cred is still intact because occult gods or no gods forbid people think he’s a centrist or anti-PC type- LOL-as he makes the very case that anti-PC types make from a point of reason and logic.

But he doesn’t stop there, no!  He must tell us that he’s married to a non-white:

I am, for example, generally a fan a Anita Sarkeesian, and have no tolerance for her army of hateful detractors (the mere existence of people who call themselves ‘anti-Feminists’ strikes me as incredible).

I’m also no stranger to racial diversity. My wife is a dark-skinned South African woman who grew up under Apartheid. We delight in our mixed-race daughter, and we’re raising her with dual influence from both our cultures, and in both of our native tongues: English in my wife’s case, and Polish in mine.

I mean dude is SO FUCKING LIBERAL that he married someone of another race, that’s how fucking liberal he is so–back off and don’t ever think that he’s being un-PC as he challenges PC stuff.

Instead of challenging it by skin color he attempts to make it about “ethnicity” (dude, it’s okay.  you’ll get there)

In 2010, something very special happened to me. After decades of playing computer games, I played – for the first time in my life – one that was for me. It was a first-time game from a young Polish developer called CDProjekt RED, and it was called Wiedźmin. I was enthralled. The people in this game looked like me. They spoke my language. They emanated a Polishness that at once resonated with my own.

You might think, as Moosa would seem to: “Pffft, big deal – you’re a White guy, so you’ve been playing games about yourself all your life.” But that’s a very myopic way to look at ethnic identity. I find the notion that a person’s identity might be defined by their skin colour to be patently horrific, not to mention inaccurate. There are a thousand physical and cultural idiosyncrasies that can make up a person’s ethnic identity, of which skin colour is, at most, one.

When I grew up watching White Americans in Hollywood movies or big budget games, I never felt like I was seeing a representation of myself. They were from the other side of the world to me, their roots were different to my Slavic ones and, with their square jaws and rectangular heads, they didn’t particularly look like me either. I imagine that a similar thing would be felt by an olive-skinned Venezuelan watching movies about olive-skinned Italians: they would see foreigners, whose coincidentally similar skin colour would be mostly irrelevant.

Anyway, blah blah blah he goes on to make a good argument for why it’s okay for The Witcher 3 to not have blacks or minorities in it because it is about celebrating his ethnicity, not his color.  Because that’s different, unusual or something…

He pleads and makes his case for why it feels good to hear his native tongue or see Polish history and never once gets the fact that this is how everyone that he’s probably criticized in the past has felt about these things.  He doesn’t get that men want stuff to themselves, or that gay people want things that are just gay, or that straight people want just straight stuff, and that women want things to ourselves and that is okay!  There is nothing wrong with wanting something of your own.  No one should have hurt feelings that they are excluded from a video game.

This is not Jim Crow.

This is not Apartheid.

This is not Nazi Germany.

This is not Japan.

No one is being legally shut out, harmed or hurt in anyway aside from butthurtness because they are not represented in a video game.  Things have become so fricking touchy and absurd that people feel they have a right to the time, effort, labor, and creativity of others.

So he finishes with the anti-PC mantra of its better to have a salad where everyone gets to be themselves than a melting pot (something I agree with) but not something he seems to understand is what the anti-PC crowd had been saying, and what happens?

Someone chimes in with: So how exactly would a few people of color in W3 harm your precious Polishness?

LOL, they will eat their own.  Totally funny shit.


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