More Duggary & I Hope a Tipping Point Comes Soon

So I was on Twitter…

Yes, I know.  It’s bad for me.  So is beer.  I’m having one now with my barbecue.

Anyway, while I was on Twitter there was yet another con versus lib Duggar debate full of grandiose dialogue, aka “hypocrisy” on both sides of the issue, always forgetting that this is about a crime against children.  Anyway the cons jumped in with a giant AHA! because the chief of police is a lesbian, whom they feel would have a natural dislike of the Duggars for their view on homosexuality (naaaawwwww, really?  they called them abominations and perverts, but no one should be offended by that…oh dear God, stop the ride…).

Their AHA! was met with the progressive AHA! that Michelle Duggar might have maybe sort of mouthed the word “lesbian agenda” to her husband during the Megyn Kelly interview:

Between all the “ahas” you would think these things were true:

  1. That is is worse that liberals revealed the details about child molestation than the molestation
  2. That it is worse that a conservative said “lesbian agenda” than the potential for police misuse of authority

Which really only proves that many of my fellow Americans have fucked up priorities.

If it is true that the chief of police broke the laws of Arkansas (as a judge is now saying) by revealing the details of the case, I’m sorry, but that is a lot worse than someone saying “lesbian agenda”.

If Josh Duggar molested his sisters and was given treatment that no black male of 15 would have gotten by the police and in fact went on to have a money-filled and prosperous life with absolute impunity, then I’m sorry but they cannot cry victims because they already got a literal “Get out of Jail Free” card.

This type of obfuscation of logic, reason, and common sense  is why I, and many others, feel that we are held hostage by partisan America and why you could not PAY me money to vote for Hillary or whatever tool the RNC shoves at me.  I would rather eat a shit sandwich covered in dinosaur cum than vote for anyone the two parties tries to force on me.


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