More Funny Progressive Hypocrisy

I’m not going to call them “liberals” anymore because I am a classical liberal and they’re really just PC progressives and force-collectivists.

Liberalism is all about individuality and protections of individuals rights and freedoms.  A classical liberal doesn’t think in “groups”.  A classical liberal believes in the inalienable rights of individuals to life, liberty (peaceful subset of freedom), and the pursuit of happiness.  That means not stopping someone from exercising their choices, good or bad, through use of force or fine.  It means allowing someone to exist outside of a cage even if they do things that don’t agree with your morals or philosophy as long as they do no physical harm to life or property.

That is classical liberalism.

So this guy over at “The Superficial–Because You’re Ugly” claims to be a liberal.  His entire site’s premise is the objectification of hot women, but as many “gossip sites” have done recently, his has become a place where they spin gossip in a very political way.  I have no idea why.  Gossip is anti-PC by its nature because its wrong.  You shouldn’t talk about people that aren’t in the room.  You shouldn’t objectify people.  It’s not nice.  So listening to a lecture on “nice” from people who are generally not nice can be extremely funny at times.  Like this instance where he’s saying how Snoop Dogg and Alex Jones are bad for not being 100% support on Caitlyn Jenner.

Which would mean something if he were a writer for ALTnet or Mother Jones, but is fuck-ing-hil-ar-i-ous coming from a dude who’s website is called “The Superficial”.

Oh Lady Irony!!!!

From Snoop Dogg and Alex Jones Join the Haters:

Since her Vanity Fair cover and the announcement that she will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs, Caitlyn Jenner has seen a social media outcry usually reserved for everyday schmoes who don’t understand that their bosses care way more about shares sliding a point than standing up for their dipshit employee’s freedom of speech. In Jenner’s case, celebrities are now loudly voicing their disapproval of someone’s personal decision to publicly expose their lifelong hardship in the hopes of being released from repression. Not to mention the encouragement of others trapped in similar situations who don’t have fame and wealth as a shield against bigoted hate. Drake Bell stepped in some shit the other day, and now Snoop Dogg’s dipping his toe in the ignorance pool with this Instagram post:

Again, the above quote is on the same exact page as pictures of no less than 8 women in bikinis and one naked starlet with stars over appropriate parts.

He goes on to make fun of Alex and Snoop for their insensitive positions while Candice Swanpool covers her breasts and gives us all a blank stare, never once acknowledging how hypocritical this lecture sounds coming from someone who has reduced women to our female form.

I will say that I thought then-Bruce Jenner’s Diane Sawyer interview seemed to be comprehensive and well-meaning without straying into realm of sensationalism. That said, the Vogue cover, the KUWTK: About Bruce horseshit, and the subsequent reality show deal are all starting to leave a real Kardashianeque taste in my mouth. And as much as I hate swallowing butt-pee, I’m still able to admit I don’t for a second understand Caitlyn Jenner’s struggle, but I respect her decision to try to enjoy her life unshackled from her own mind. I guess what I’m saying is when a stoner whose claim to fame is beating a murder wrap, and a paranoid, delusional conspiracy theorist who thinks Kool-Aid will make you go gay-crazy and castrate yourself are your intellectual comrades, it might be time to reconsider your position.

This was my point about the Duggars, as well.  When your son is a Chester Molester & you do nothing for two years you don’t get to talk about homosexuals, transexuals, unmarried mothers, or criminals anymore.  You don’t get to take a tough stance on crime.  You get to sit in the corner and shut the fuck up OR be called a hypocrite.

Now, I have noticed that the “change” in all of these sites began when they signed up with Spin Media.  I almost guarantee that they are guided in what they can or cannot blog about.

Still, it’s pretty effin’ funny to read about cultural sensitivity from someone who is culturally insensitive.  Oh progressives will eat each other one day and if I’m lucky they’ll take out the social cons with them.


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