Twitter Partisans and Reason #600 of Why I’m Glad I Fell Out & Became a Voluntarist

I posted crap earlier about how the #gunsense people are taking a 1 in 11,000 chance of being shot by a gun and leaping into a hyperbolic indictment of gun owners so that they can remove the inalienable right to self-protection so that they can feel safer?  Okay, their conservative friends extrapolate a single poll about the London Muslim community (which we all know is a bit extreme) to the 1 billion Muslims in the world, including those who are being persecuted by CIA created ISIS for not being Muslim enough.

I have heard they have 80% approval (Isis) in Muslim community.

It was “Muslim Community” not “London Muslim Community”, which is just dishonest arguments right there.  That’s like saying that the Christians who live in Arkansas represent the Christians who live in Maine.

I swear the hyperbole from all sides is so annoying…


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