Vince Vaughn, the Second Amendment, and Voluntarist Hottie Cody Wilson

So of course we had another progressive meltdown this week over Vince Vaughn’s comments about gun ownership.  If you read the Federalist Papers you will see that the Constitutional Congress voted to protect the right to own and bear arms for the exact reasons he said–so that the ordinary citizens would have a way to fight back against government tyranny and foreign invaders.

For those that believe it will never happen, look around the world.  Look at Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland, Seattle, New York–

We have police whose new Rules of Engagement allow them to shoot you even if you do not have a gun pointed on them.  They only have to “feel threatened”.

And lest you think it’s just those locals and state-ees, consider the federal government, as well:

No with 70,000 no knock raids by the federal government you would assume that there is good cause, that the raids are in the homes of terrorists and drug dealers, right?

Wrong.  The majority of those were for white collar crimes like hacking, as if hackers are known gunslingers.

Considering that more people are attacked by the government agents holding guns than criminals, why is it that progressives are so prone to bedshitting over private citizens having them?

I’ll tell you why: propaganda.

Look at this kid…

He was injured in a federal raid because they didn’t do their homework before they went in and threw a flash grenade in his crib.  If his picture were put on television as much as the Sandy Hook kid’s pictures were the “people” would begin to wake up.  The use of children to push legislation is propaganda and meant to tug at the heart strings.

We have been made to fear gun owners, to believe that the 270 million guns out there will at some point be aimed at a kid when nothing is farther from the truth.

There are (including undocumenteds) 330,000,000 million people in the United States, maybe a little more.  Even if you include suicides in the gun numbers (which I wouldn’t because suicidal people would just use another implement but…) there are only 30,000 gun deaths each year.  11-12,000 homicides, including the 2-4,000 “justifiable homicides” committed by police officers –yes, they are included in the totals.  The rest is suicides.

Let’s do the math 330,000,000 divided by 30,000 = 11,000

We have a 1 in 11,000 chance of being killed by a gun each year.  This is why I wanted to leave out suicides so you can see just how low it really is since over half that number is people who WANT to be killed by a gun.


And yet to hear #gunsense talk we’re all in danger, like really, really in danger from gun violence.

This is the same statistical, play with the numbers to induce fear bullshit that conservative freaks use to make us all scared of black people.

Blacks proportionately commit more crime!!!

A black dude just raped a white woman and killed her!

Settle down with the fearmongering.  Just because someone commits more crime doesn’t mean they commit a lot of crime, nor does it mean that you should be afraid.  It also doesn’t mean that an entire group should be painted with the same brush because an insignificant proportion does something.

Only 1% of all black people will go to jail for a violent crime.  5% will go for a drug related crime.  That leaves the other 95% who are looking angrily at you right now for lumping them in with criminals.

Now, progressives will stand up, jump up, and scream not to label blacks.  They’ll scream about their own white privilege.  They’ll make my exact same argument about the numbers BUT will be complete and total hypocrites on the subject of guns or Christians.

Conversely all the same pro-gun people will scream out about gun rights and label all blacks criminals.  That’s the joy that is hypocrisy in America.

And since I’m extremely shallow, I present Cody Wilson the person that just made all the gunsense nuts arguments obsolete.

In addition to being a voluntarist hottie, he also is extremely brainy and invented a complete plastic weapon that fires.  You can make it at home and no one will be the wiser.  The plans have already been distributed across the web.

If these self-righteous freaks even try to ban guns, criminals will still have them, and so will every other voluntarist and anarchist out there.  Because it is too late.

You cannot stop the signal.

Your same argument about abortion–that if you ban it, it will go underground is true.  Ban guns and gun lovers will just become outlaws to keep them.  Try to restrict usage and people will go around you.

There is a reason why 40 years of the drug war hasn’t stopped people from taking drugs and is an abject failure.  There is a reason despite anti-sodomy laws that homosexuals still dated and had relationships.  People ignore immoral laws.

So keep it up, keep going, and watch people rebel.

Also, Cody Wilson–call me!


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