Ariana Grande, Double Standards and Celeb Nonsense Make My Eyes Bleed

I should know better, I really should than to read gossip sites or go on Twitter, but I felt like it was Dlisted so that makes it okay.  So I guess Ariana Grande is the latest female celebrity that takes to social media to complain about the female sexualization and objectification of the female sexual image while wearing a bikini.

Her tweets:

Her “value” as an individual has been overshadowed by the image she agreed to allowed to be marketed to the public.  When you present yourself as a sex kitten

Fair use to exemplify a point

it becomes exceedingly difficult to talk about how women are portrayed as men’s sex objects with any sense of philosophical consistency.  It’s difficult to describe men as misogynists and opportunists when you invite their misogyny and sexual scrutiny.  Or do you think you’re not trying to promote a sexual image with a bikini and cat ears?

See when I show skin I want my boyfriend to notice and drag me off into the bedroom.  How’s that for honesty?  Is he a misogynist for getting the message I’m sending?  No, but he would be stupid if he didn’t.

So, yes, Ariana, women can discuss their sex lives openly and people can have an opinion on it.  Men are high-fiving your sexuality because they want to fuck you.  It’s your fellow “sisters” who think you’re ridiculous when you talk about feminism wearing bikini cat suits as part of your job.  You sell sexuality and then complain when people buy it.  How is that empowering women?  It makes us look like silly complainers.

You also spent months dating a man who talked about “smashing you” and suddenly you don’t like the use of such lovely language in reference to you or other women?  Forgive me if I think you sound like an immature thinker and a poor speaker on what “feminism” really is.

Feminism was never intended to be a way for women to shield themselves from scrutiny.  It’s not a shield.  It was empowerment for women scientists, lawyers, doctors, and computer scientists to follow their dreams in regards to what they wanted to do with their lives.  It was empowerment for mothers to have an equal voice in raising their children or financial decisions.  Feminism was never about  being able to wear a bikini cat suit while also telling people to quit pointing out how you look in your bikini cat suit.

My dear, feminism is also taking your lumps like a woman and showing that you have a basic understanding of logic and reason.

No one, not just women, require another person to be wholly themselves.  Nothing you are saying is new or rocket science.  The reason why people gravitate to relationships is because it is fun.  Having someone to laugh with is fun.  Having someone to go places with is fun.  Having sex is fun.  It’s not about need, it’s about want so don’t think you reinvented the wheel for being single for awhile.

Nor should you get mad at interviewers for asking about a relationship you flaunted in videos, social media, and twitter.  It’s like vampires, you can’t complain when you invite them in.  Live and learn from this in the future, just quit with the tantrums.

And now for some herstory:

This is feminism.  This is female empowerment.  Allowing yourself to be imprisoned, force fed, and beaten so that women have the right to vote is feminism.  Any half-brained dolt can strip down and “empower” herself the way Ariana Grande has done.  It takes zero effort to gain male attention with tits and a vagina.  That’s not empowerment, it’s just sex.

If you want to be known as a whole person with a mind, show it.  Quite frankly, as a female who has degrees, ideas, and also a sex life I am furiously angry by these dumb bitches who whine about feminism and empowerment while dragging us all down in the mire of caprice with their disrespectful and ludicrously juvenile commentary.

Feminism is not cat ears!  It is about asserting your equality and humanity.  It is not about special treatment or using the word “misogyny” to shield yourself from speculation.  It is about mature ownership of your actions and being a responsible person worthy of an equal share of the pie.

Alice Paul was a feminist.  Her cohorts were feminists.  Ariana Grande is a young woman with a lot to learn.


9 thoughts on “Ariana Grande, Double Standards and Celeb Nonsense Make My Eyes Bleed

  1. Feminism is empowerment, but feminism is also to dress how one wants to dress without being judged. Feminism is also about women who want to be housewives. Feminism is also about women who want to work in the sex industry. Feminism is about being who you are and do what you want to do. Yet I agree – a reason I am not a big fan of Ariana Grande is that is looks like a overly sexualised 14 year old. She is also a role model for children who 1) want to be like her and 2) think that girls should look like that. If she is, and I assume she is, being guided to dress in a certain way for marketing, then yes, there are double standards. But if that is her artistic self, then who are we to judge? And I agree, Ariana Grande still has a few things to learn, but there are not many women in the music business as famous as she is that has put a foot down and talk about feminism and activism.

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    1. Why can’t you be judged? Does feminism make you immune from scrutiny? If we are pushing for equality instead of special treatment, then we have to accept that judgment comes with that. We judge men. We judge our politicians. We are not above judgment because we have a vagina.

      Now, not as a “feminist” but as a libertarian I agree that people should have the right to be sex workers, sluts, drug dealers, sword swallowers, hippie drop outs, merchants, soldiers or whatever else without legal scrutiny or consequence. I think the heroin addict has a right to be a non-jailed heroin addict and left alone by police thugs. It doesn’t mean I have to agree with his lifestyle to support his right to be left alone.

      I think that men and women who are promiscuous receive scrutiny equally. Women look down on men who are dogs like men look down on women who are “dogs”. We know there is a lack of safety in indiscriminate sex and that is the reason for the taboo that society places on it, not the dislike of sex. Who doesn’t like sex? Anyone, anyone at all?

      We can judge her artistic self because she has made that self a product that is packaged and sold. I can judge her in the same way that I can judge Twinkies and compare it to acai berry smoothies and know that one is tasty but bad for you and the other nutritional. She is not in the public eye by accident. Self-ownership is feminism. Guarding your image and owning it, is feminism.

      IF you shove a sex kitten image to the public as she has she can’t complain when that is how she is perceived. People are not angels. They are visual and accept what you put in front of them.

      Anyway, thanks for the debate! I love it!

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      1. HAH! That was so well articulated, I don’t know what else to add. I agree with all of it. Yes, we are free to judge, we are free to think – we have the privilege to live with free speech.

        I think my point was more that they are double standards because we make them double standards. Shoving a sex kitten image to the public and being treated as such, is very similar to saying that women wear “revealing” clothing (it doesn’t even have to be revealing, but tight fitting) because they want attention, they want the people to flirt with them, they want sex, and in extreme cases, they were asking to get raped. The pop music industry is so messed up nowadays, I don’t even know where to start. I think it was last year Rihanna came out with a music video in which she was having an orgy. The 70s and 80s music videos were so innocent in comparison. I don’t agree that the most famous pop starts nowadays, are also the most sexualised, and unfortunately one goes along with the other.

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      2. First, thank you for the discussion. I love rational discussion between women, although I’m not sure if you were speaking to me or my shy flower housemate.

        There is certainly the belief or maybe its the equation of sexuality with violence that some have tried to purport; that rape is a sexual act instead of a violent one.

        However, I think we all are pretty much square that we shop at Victorias Secret so that our partner gets turned on, male or female. On the days I don’t see my bf I wear yoga pants, shorts and sloppy tshirts. On the days I know I will see him, I dress differently because I am frisky and want to have sex. It’s basic signalling and nothing is at all wrong with that. We don’t judge a peacock for showing its tail.

        I’m just saying, don’t pretend that you’re not marketing yourself because you know sex sells. 🙂


  2. As a female human and a libertarian voluntarist, too, I believe that women have inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We don’t have special privilege nor should anyone. It’s not “slut shaming” to say “live by the sword and die by it”. If you choose to promote a sexual image and play with the “Lolita” image then the adult thing is to take ownership of it and accept that others don’t share your worldview and will judge you for it. That doesn’t mean you should stop if that’s your desire, it means that they have judged you. Our lives and actions are our own but the lives and reactions of others are likewise theirs. We must as people, not just women, own our beliefs so fundamentally that we are immune from the language of others. That is freedom.

    If you are a proud sexual being then “slut” is meaningless to you, because it is not in your vocabulary.

    There are many people in my family and close circle of friends who do not approve of my lifestyle decisions and that’s their choice to not approve, just as it is mine to continue living as I wish. We have free will and personal autonomy but that doesn’t include having dominion over the opinions of others or their reactions. It just means we have to go on living.

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  3. I think true liberation is individual. It’s when you realize that life’s storms won’t knock you down, that the words of others have no bearing on your life, and when you realize that freedom is a spiritual and mental state, not always a physical one that things start to change for you.

    I value my womanhood in that I feel like I am a force of nature, and a creative being with the power to breathe life into the world, but at the same time I an devoutly, almost religiously an individual.

    I eschew groups and labels. I use them only as a language tool to keep brevity in a conversation but I wish that I could do without them entirely. I am as similar to Ariana Grande as I am to Justin Bieber, which is not at all.

    I think that what they bring to the table is anti-life; a deleterious distraction from the real problems that are facing the world. Their statements and activism is carefully crafted and manipulated by their agencies in order to continue to promote a superficial agenda while the rest of the world burns.

    Is this me judging them? Yes, indeed and I make no reservations about saying so. The MENA is in flames, the currency is buckling, racial tensions have been propagated by the powers that be, and sexism is sold like soda to the masses–all on purpose, I believe.

    There is a New World Order coming. Our politicians have said it multiple times in speeches and we don’t believe them. It is a world of GMOs, DNA reshuffling, Morlocks and Eloi. We refuse to believe it considering it all science fiction and yet it’s happening bit by bit.


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