The “T” on Libertarians

I am now past that and into full on anarchism-voluntarism, but I still remember a thing or two about my days of naivete and belief that government could be scaled back enough to explain them for those who think they are just meaner Republicans or something.

These images are “truthful” and explain a lot of the philosophy.

So as you can see, libertarians share from both liberal and conservative POVs equally.

It’s not that libertarians are mean or don’t care for the poor, they just have a cynical view of why government does it and a historical perspective of how poorly it is able to control corporations (it won’t) and feed the poor (shit food) and basically is corrupt.

This is our Jesus

And also this guy

Most people don’t realize how much libertarians and voluntarists hate banksters

And lastly, libertarians are not “Tea Party” members.  They are libertarians.  The Tea Party is a subset of the Republican Party even though they claim they are not.

Also, I’ll go so far as to say that many groups obscure their real agenda, be it women, gays, socialists, or libertarians.  The truth is that inside every libertarian is an antistatist that really believes we can live better without governments that cause wars, plagues, pestilences, write crappy laws, etc. We just know if we say that people will stop listening and call us a radical.

I’ve stopped caring about that.  I really don’t support politicians anymore.  I may like what Rand Paul is doing or Justin Amash but I won’t vote for them because that’s voting for a system which I think is immoral and evil.

And that’s the T.


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