And On the Subject of Hypocrisy, More Blame the Sheriff, Not the Molester

From Pat Dollard:

We return to the narrative that Josh Duggar, admitted Chester Molester, has been victimized because people now think he’s a pedophile for touching 2 girls body parts under their clothing, and 5 girls above their clothing including a 5 year old sitting on his lap.
I mean, why would anyone think he’s a pedophile just because he sexually assaulted nonconsenting minors?

Now, IF the Chief of Police broke the law as the judge is saying she did by releasing these documents then that is a huge deal and she should be criminally charged just like anyone else –cough cough– in Arkansas who broke the law might be.

Since she’s white that means someone should just probably speak with her about Jesus and then let her go.

I kid, I kid…sort of.

So this man ends up going to jail for LIFE in Arkansas for molesting minors.  I wonder if his lawyer will use the “Pray to Jesus” defense on an appeal?  Maybe?


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