Duggars, Cognitive Dissonance, and Trying Hard to Bite My Tongue

I think I’ve been very honest and open about my “Roman” attitudes towards molesters and it involves bears and gladiatorial rings.

I am not the type of person who believes that predators with compulsive behavior are the types of people we need to have around and potentially hold out candy bars to other small children when they’re riding their little bikes down the street.  Someone who murders another person has the opportunity to think and re-evaluate their actions–unless of course they are a compulsive murderer and then bears + pit = you know what to do!

I believe every human being has the right to be left alone.  I believe in being peaceful until such time as someone attempts to harm me or mine.  No political statement is made by letting someone molest, rape, or kill you. As a voluntarist I am a whole-hearted believer in the Non Aggression Principle and also a believer in pitchforks and bear pits for those who violate the NAP by harming kids.

I say this lest anyone think I’m actually a good Christian.  I’m not.  If this were the late 1700s I’m more of a Robespierre type than a Jefferson.  I would gladly be in charge of the populist trials of our illustrious leaders who say “Let the Eat Cake”, albeit in modern terms of “If you don’t have anything to hide you shouldn’t mind me prying into to your home”.

Now that I’ve gotten out of the way what a horrid person I am, let me say that I would personally have fed Josh to Yogi and Booboo years ago.  So I’m not “Team Duggar” by any stretch of the imagination.

So what I’m about to say comes from a deeply held philosophical belief that our body is our own.  Our body and our property does not belong to the collective state.  What is done to me is not done to society, it is done to me.  What is done to my family is not done to society, it’s done to my family.  That means that if I am the type of idiot who wants to forgive a molester then that is my right.  To say that I cannot, is to say that the state has more of a vested interest in me than I do or my family does which is absurd.

Now, society as a group of individuals does have a vested interest in preventing pedophiles from harming individual children and if a “society” deems that the molester needs to be held in confinement that is certainly one thing, but to punish–no, that is the choice of those that were harmed.

Let me give another example, say someone steals your car and wrecks it.  Would you rather him or her go to jail and you never get due compensation for that car because even when the thief comes out they’ll be too broke to pay you back?


Would you rather have the option of him working it off for you?

In the first case, the state gains because they can now grow their sphere of influence, and take bribes from contractors who pretty much now own the prison system, and you get nothing but a higher car insurance and a shitty replacement vehicle.

In the second, you, the offended party, gets the actual recompense.

I think the Duggar girls have every right to forgive their molester brother and if the other female that he molested forgives him, too–oh well, my dreams of bears are unfulfilled.  However, they need to realize that in the case of child predation it is not about “them” it is about preventing old Chester Molester from doing that same thing to others because they recidivate.

He was given free reign for two years to continue and in doing so also molested someone not a member of that family, someone forgotten in all this mess.

Breitbart, a site I’m not normally prone to visiting because of all the war mongering and neocon bullshit that floods it like a sewage system, said this and I found it interesting:

Simply put, the Duggar family, including Josh, have every right to move past this and live their lives. It would have been just as appropriate, and even a plus for our culture and Christianity, had the Duggars pursued fame and cultural status after going public about what Josh did, and to have used that experience as part of the narrative of their Christian family.

That is not what the Duggars did.

Jim Bob and Michelle not only failed to protect their daughters from a son they knew was a sexual predator, through a lie of omission, they selfishly chose not to protect the Christian cause, people they call friends, and even the fate of the country from the all-too predictable consequences of that lie being uncovered.

As far as Josh Duggar, setting aside his horrific juvenile crimes, what kind of man worries enough about his serial-molestations being exposed to the point of legal action but still accepts a high-profile executive position at an organization like the Family Research Council?

Not a very good one.

Very, very well said.  This stopped being about them on so many levels awhile ago.

On the Left, Salon had this to say:

The sisters say that “We’ve never claimed to be a perfect family,” and they are entitled to have private struggles and pains. But when you’re someone like Jessa, who’s compared abortion to the holocaust, or someone like mom Michelle, who’s campaigned actively against rights for transgender individuals, or dad Jim Bob, who has asserted that “rape and incest represent heinous crimes and as such should be treated as capital crimes,” you have set yourself on a certain morally judgmental plane. You can question the motives of the tabloids, you can assert your own peace with your past, but you don’t get to play the victim card because the rest of the media is not your carefully controlled TV show, or because people are asking questions about the disconnect between your family’s image and the behavior of its members.

Now, while I agree that people in glass houses should not throw stones, that doesn’t apply to Jessa.  She was the victim. And as much as I find the mother a simp–no other words, she comes off like a simp–and her husband a smug moron, neither of them are chester molester’s either.  The mother and daughter have opinions that Salon and myself disagree with but unlike the father, they aren’t hypocrites.  They’re just stupid.

My problems with most of the people commenting on it is that in all of this the reality of child molestation is lost, yet again, to the gotcha game.  I was reading a site today that objectifies women in the worst possible way having a field day because this Christian family got a comeuppance.

To quote Shakespeare’s Shylock, “when you cut us do we not bleed?”

Does it occur to the Superficial or Salon that the girls may have very different feelings that they share with their husbands or with themselves alone that they don’t want to share with the country?  Is that not their right?  Just because their parents put them on a television program for cash doesn’t mean this was their decision or choice.  Would you share how you really felt in your heart of hearts with Megyn Kelly about your molestation by your brother?

I wouldn’t.  I wouldn’t want the world to see my cry or hear my rage.  Being able to keep one’s dignity is important.

This is a very serious and widespread issue in America.  1 in 7 middle and high school teens will be sexually harassed or molested by an adult while they are under their care.  1 in 10 elementary students.  1 in 10!!

These numbers did not come from some anti-public school group or right wing think tank.  They come from the American Association of University Women’s research.  This is a reality for many children all over the country and how we learn to deal with it, express our feelings about it because its a growing problem for whatever reason.

I was molested in school and not a “religious” school.  I knew something did not feel right, but I didn’t know what was going on and the person was someone I trusted.  Something is wrong or not working and it won’t get better by joking, with a million aha! or gotcha posts, but with serious observation and action.


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