Insane Partisans on Twitter, Neocon Edition

I have picked on progressives a lot, like a lot because, well, I don’t like them very much–except the real ones, but anyway…today I wanted to talk about a person whose twitter stream would remind you of a movie caricature of a rightwinger.  Somehow I ended up following him, not sure why but now I continue to follow him because it is truly enlightening. There are days that I think he’s some leftist pretending to be a rightwinger to make them all look like racist, homophobic, weirdos and then other times I think he’s the real deal.

Here are a few gems:

America has not lost faith in its police. It has lost faith in its blacks to act like something other than criminals.

.‘s new name really should be “Amanda” ( A Man, Duh).

The gay community has declared war on America’s children & intends to rape each & every one emotionally, psychologically & Intellectually.

Sometimes I just have no words.  These people can be absolute idiots.


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