Insanity from the Left-Miss Piggy Pro-Everything

I have no problem with Disney (who owns the Muppets) Executives coming out as “Pro-Choice” and saying, “Hello, my name is _____________ and I’m Pro-Choice”.  Using a puppet that is known by children to promote political issues instead of kid stuff is fucked up and seriously wrong.

I am “pro-everything as long as it doesn’t hurt someone else”, I am the type of person who thinks that if you want to destroy what’s in your womb the government shouldn’t be involved, or chop off your own arm, or whatever because I think it’s incredibly dangerous to allow government sovereignty in either individual medical decisions, body decisions, or family decisions.  I think all of the stuff that social cons want to ban can be accomplished without government through education and love.

That said, i think it’s disgusting and vile to use a muppet to promote something like abortion. This is a complex issue, an adult issue, and not something that children need to hear about or know until they are older.  Abortion sounds so much like adoption that my niece gets them confused and calls it adorption.  She even asked me if she could be adorpted because she was worried about it when her parents split up.

Now, they will say that she didn’t say she was Pro-Choice exactly but it was a loaded question meant to make a political point and that’s just bullshit.

This is exactly why conservatives end up thinking there is a gay agenda or liberal agenda or feminist agenda–because it looks like it when you pull shit like this.

Yes, I get it.  Miss Piggy is not “Sesame Street” so before you go there with me, don’t.  The Muppet Movie wasn’t watched by men in trenchcoats it was watched by children. Children will hear about it from their friends or their parents or whatever and MSNBC with their kneejerk anti-Christian bullshit has now effectively ruined the Muppets for half the nation.

For a group that claims to care about children, it seems now like they only care about some children. They only want the viewership of liberal’s kids, I guess because they just destroyed the Muppets for 48% of the kids in the country.

Abortion is not like gay rights.  It’s not like Bert and Ernie being “life partners” that sleep in separate beds.  It’s not huggy feelie or lovey-dovey.  it is a highly specious debate with ugliness on both sides of the issue.  There are deep life-defining questions to this topic, whether liberals and cons want to accept that.

Abortion touches on:

  • What is life?
  • What is unique life?
  • Whose life is more important-mother or child?
  • What is privacy?
  • Rape
  • Incest
  • Poverty
  • Birth Control
  • Family Planning

I’m sorry but this is simply not something that should ever have been asked of Miss Piggy regardless of your personal beliefs and opinions and it was just bullshit of them to do it.  Are we now going to divide children’s television into two camps and exclude half the nation with the power of Disney because sane parents don’t want children to be burdened with adult issues?

What’s next?  We ask Bert about fisting?  Maybe the Count can perform a satanic goat sacrifice?  We’ll find out latter that Animal has a crystal meth problem and Dr. Teeth beats Janice and cheats on her routinely.

I mean, if we’re going for adult and real life entertainment why the hell not?


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