Progressives are Funny, Part 100

So this misogyist (the last type of “obe” or “ist” you can be and still get high-fived) over at The Superficial who claims to be a liberal misogynist or something, decides after much accusations about his agenda that he’s going to shy away from his usual anti-Christian aggro to try and appear to be less of a hypocrite and somewhat fair by saying this about the Duck Dynasty Dude’s molestation account:

I’ve made my feelings on Duck Dynasty abundantly clear. I couldn’t disagree with the Robertsons and their fake redneck homophobic Christian money machine more. On the battlefield of politics, they are my sworn enemy – God, I need to get out more. – and yet with complete sincerity, I actually commend Jep for telling his story even if it’s in the service of religious beliefs that I don’t agree with. Because it couldn’t be easy for him in a culture that treats schoolyard bullying as the stone upon which men – manly men – are forged, and to discuss it as anything else is the work of pussies. That took some balls.

Because you see this guys “knows” what all Christians from the south are like.  They’re hypocrites–unlike him because talking about cultural sensitivity from one side of the mouth while you call Kesha’s ass flat or discuss Miley’s lack of tits on the other isn’t hypocrisy…I guess.

I miss liberals.  Like the real liberals who believed in individuals and personal liberty and not-generalizing about whole swaths of people and things like that, but I’ll have to be content with Glenn Greenwald and Julian Assange.

Just like I don’t think that the Duggars or Huckabee now have ANY FUCKING ROOM to talk about gays when they have skeletons rattling around in their closets, I don’t think open misogynists get to point out the insensitivity of others.

Or, if they do, expect people like me to mock them for it.


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