Miley Cyrus, Paper Magazine, and “I am Doll Parts”

I am doll eyes, doll mouth, doll legs / I am doll arms, big veins, dog beg / Yeah, they really want you

I was over at Illuminati Water reading his take on Miley Cyrus’ latest PR move to brand her as the new face of the LGBTQ movement with her new “revelation” that she’s suddenly been a bisexual since the age of 14 (even though papparazzi has watched her every move for years).  There are several reasons why I don’t “buy” what they’re selling and that is:

  1. If her lesbian relationships were truly as significant as her male ones as she claims, why not show them off like she showed off Liam Hemsworth or Patrick Schwarzenegger?
  2. And why has no one snapped a picture of Disney’s biggest child star with a girl?

But that’s not what I really wanted to bring up, it’s just my usual cynical snark.  Instead of Violet Chachki, RuPaul, Ellen, or any gay person who has had skin in the game for longer than a minute, we’re now being entreated to “queer” chic from someone who has followed every conceivable trend since she was 14.

Miley Cyrus is a product.  She is not controlling her image, her image is controlled.  Let me reiterate her image is controlled. She is a “doll” being dressed up and told what to do, wear, and think.

Don’t believe me?  Check out this stare and body “parts”

Now look at her dumb expression, blank and “say what?”  That is the way women are portrayed in the new media.  Before you tell me “it’s art”, let’s talk art.

Art is original, it is organic, it is the product of unique thought.  How unique is that picture of her looking stupid with body parts around her and stuff drawn all over?  Lettuce sea…

Blank stare

Oh wait, how original and artistic is the blank face on a female with eyes whited out and third eye open?

I dunno, like this?

Maybe she was being original and artistic with the one hand over the eye thingie that no one in the world beside her was/is doing?

Well, she likes butterfly pasties and butterflies, that’s original, right?

Or how original is the Disney Mickey Ears thing?

I could go on into the Metropolis pics, but I think you get the point.

Now, you can say that set up a homeless organization or charity like every other millionaire from Dick Cheney to the Koch Brothers.  It’s a great tax write off and makes them look great.

Now, do I think she is somewhat serious?  Yeh, probably.  But I also think she wants to be the girl with the most cake.


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