In Defense of Pitchforks

A lot of times people will say to voluntarists ((insert whiny and accusatory tone)):

Well, without government who will stop polluters or bankers?!?!


You will stop the polluters, the criminals, and the banksters.  Most of the time  you won’t, and that’s how you’ll realize what is actually a crime and what is just something that pisses you off.

For example, all of the “No one should do cocaine!  Using cocaine is a crime because it’s bad for you!” people will have to put up or shut up on how important that social issue is to them, by apprehending, arresting, or punishing that person themselves.

The reality is that in a post government world, people would still band together to go after the actual crimes like rape, molestation, murder, and robbery because it is in their best interests to apprehend violent criminals.

We always hear a lot about “the wild, wild west” because of all the “cowboy and indians” propaganda movies which made it seem like it was a crazy place with shit tons of violence and all that garbage.  One historian wrote a really great book on how boring it actually was.

The fact is the bankers, the polluters, the corporate criminals don’t go to jail because they are “protected” under civil laws.  They get sued, go into bankruptcy protections and all is well.


It did not matter one bit that an asston of protesters swarmed Wall St.  The banks and fraudsters still got their bailouts.  The only people arrested over it were the protesters.

Why?  Because government is in on the scam.  And, yes, Uncle Bernie Sanders, too.  Where was his fillibuster of the bailout?  Where was his impassioned speech, ala Kucinich, about single payer.  Why wasn’t his ass on the streets with the protesters?

Because Uncle Bernie and Elizabeth Warren are part of the scam.  For the libertarians, probably Rand Paul too.  They like the power, the chic, and the love of people who think they’re so awesome for their theoretical grandstanding while never getting rowdy or putting their physical sovereignty on the line like the people they allegedly represent.

Tell me, if you were the greedy self-serving SOB of a company that doesn’t care about the environment, what are you more afraid of, a lawsuit that takes 10 years to conclude or a bunch of angry people outside your door with ropes and pitchforks?

Government is not about helping people, it is about controlling people.  Government, even your beloved progressives (as you can see from Obama’s descent) is about keeping the masses from eating the elites.

They use your sweet spot against you, be it abortions v coathangers, the environment, gay rights, or support the troops–they tell you what they want to hear just like a teen boy trying to get into your pants and for the same reason.



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