The Trevor Project, What We Should Do Instead of Talking

One of the first charities that I got involved with was the Trevor Project.  I am very guilty at times of discussing why political correctness is bad, and focusing on what we shouldn’t do instead of what we should.

I don’t step down from the belief that instead of writing laws to silence bigots that we should instead seek social solutions, one of which is to be “pro” in our actions instead of “con.”

The Trevor Project is a great organization for suicide prevention in at risk GLBTQ teens.  Experiencing something that is non-normative, regardless of what that thing is, if it is intrinsic to your nature can be difficult and scary–regardless of whether everyone accepts you or not.  In life it really isn’t about how others feel about us, we may pretend that it is, but its actually how we feel about ourselves.

Even as GLBTQ has become not just socially accepted by the majority (it is) there are still kids and teens asking themselves, why can’t I be like my parents, my siblings, or other kids on my block.  The Trevor Project is there to answer questions and to help people who don’t like themselves very much.

It’s a great organization and I hope that people support it.


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