Transracial #RachelDolezal, Social Media Meltdown and Actual Science

Lets get this out of the way.  Race is a social construct. There is no scientific evidence for it at all.  Scientists in the fields of biology and evolutionary biology agree that there is no actual thing as race, which is pretty much why racism is stupid.  All humans are 99.9% the same genetically, per the mapping of the Human Genome Project.

Both in federally funded scientific research and in increasingly popular practice—such as ancestry testing, which often purports to prove or disprove membership in a particular race, group, or tribe—genetic testing has appeared to lend scientific credence to the idea that there is a biological basis for racial categories.

In fact, “There is no genetic basis for race,” says Fullwiley, who has studied the ethical, legal, and social implications of the human genome project with sociologist Troy Duster at UC, Berkeley.

In spite of this, Twitter has blown up with the story of Rachel Dolezal who has been the president of her chapter of the NAACP for some time and actually has a condition known as transracism, which some say is similar to transgenderism.

Some say.

Not black people or transgender women.  Just other people.

Here she is being asked if she’s black:

According to her family, her race change happened when they adopted black children and she wanted to be just like them.  She felt like she identified with the black “race” and believes she is black so much that she tans herself and wears hair that looks like what black girls in my neighborhood called “good hair”.

Transgender activists have come down hard on the bitch saying that this is NOTHING like what it is to be transgender, and race activists on twitter were saying that its unfair to “appropriate a marginalized class” if you’re not one.

That’s no argument.  Women are marginalized, but it’s okay to be transgender females even if they waited until they were 66 and made their millions first.

Saying it’s borrowing marginalization is just not good enough to say that what she did was wrong. That said, I think her parents were right in saying pretty much “bitch is crazy.”

Back in my neighborhood I was told that my skin color was frosting and if you scratch it off I’m black.  Now, that was a compliment and a way of telling me i was loved, and I appreciate it.  It doesn’t mean I’ll go around and tell people I’m black.  I do highly identify with black culture because of where I was raised, but I’m not black.  BUT if someone asked me if I feel black, i would actually say “sometimes yes”.  I was raised in an area that was 99.9% black.  The music I listened to was black music, the clothing I wore was black urban, the movies I enjoyed were black movies–black culture is in many ways my culture, but I’m white and that’s okay.

You see, it really doesn’t matter if I’m white or black.  Color, gender, etc none of that is scientific at all.  Both gender and race are social constructs.

Despite countless studies, no one can prove any real substantial neurological links regarding transgenderism.  We believe it exists due to politics, mainly, because there is limited hard science on it.  There is some correlation between white cells (that also exist in homosexual study subjects) and how they react in the brain to emotions, as well as, some behavioral studies on body dysmorphia and how it pertains to gender, but nothing concrete that you can point to with a “there it is” like cancer or bipolarism.

So why if that science is limited does society not allow for other areas yet explained?

There is a progressive goal to say that people should be allowed to be who they believe they are, live as they believe they are, and exist on their own terms with acceptance from all.

It is a libertarian goal to allow individuals to do their own funky thing.

Accepting either of those means you do also have to accept transracial people because your offense at what they believe does not prohibit their self-acceptance and belief.  Women cannot stop people from labeling themselves trans because they are offended by transwomen adopting the word “woman” or “female” nor can blacks stop her because they are offended.

Do a DNA test if you don’t believe me.  You’re 99.9% just like everyone else.

Charlamagne the God, a black rapper for those not in the know,  In an interview says:

“If Bruce Jenner can be a woman Rachel Dolezal can be black,” the Power 105.1 Breakfast Club co-host tweeted. “So how can Bruce Jenner identify with what he wants to identify with but Rachel Dolezal can’t? I’m confused about this… Hold up so you can be transgender in America but not transracial?”

“It’s ok to say Rachel Dolezal is crazy for identifying as black but say Caitlyn is crazy and you’re transphobic,” he wrote. “If you think transracial is b.s. Then you must think being transgender is b.s too.”

Now, because unlike neurologists and biologists, people just “know” he’s wrong and that transgender is real but transracial is not real they will say that he’s wrong.  They also say that body dysmophia is also unlike genderdysmorphia because one is a mental illness and the other not.

I argue what is one person’s mental illness is another person’s life.

I suffer from depression and when people say I am mentally ill, I also find that stigmatizing.  I write some of my best fiction and music when depressed and would not at all ever change myself even with the downside to it.  On meds I feel a vast nothingness and never want to write or compose.

If we are moving to a post-gender society as some want, we should move to a postracial society, too.

Or better yet, we move to a human society of freethinking individuals who self-identify and freely associate with whom they choose, eh?

We move to a world of individuality versus forced collectivisation (which is exactly what is happening thanks to the postgender types who want me to change my terminology about myself to meet something amorphous).  Individuals rule!

If we lose labels altogether, as I argue then people can truly be themselves, identify themselves and live as they choose.

Or we can pop some popcorn and watch how this latest shit with #RachelDolezal blows up the Internet and then turn on the racial draft.  I’m not ready to give up Eminem, are you?


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