Why Voluntarist Chicks Should Have More Sex with Voluntarists

The US State Department through some bullshit treaty has usurped the First Amendment by making that above video illegal.

The man in that video is suing the US government on our behalf for the right to Free Speech.  Now, regardless of whether or not you believe in what he’s saying you should at least believe in his First Amendment right to say it.

Now, now, I know the #gunsense people out there want all guns gone, but do you want your speech gone?  Once you allow government to set a precedence like this, that right doesn’t return.  Look at the Patriot Act.  No one wants it, everyone rights their Congressmen to get rid of it, people fillibuster it, it’s still there.  You think Dems will always be in control, but what about when they’re not?

Do you want to your speech removed some day because a treaty we have with another country that doesn’t like your pet cause obligates YOU to shut up about it?

From Reason

Some alarming language from the proposed regs:

The requirements of paragraph (b) are not new. Rather, they are a more explicit statement of the ITAR’s requirement that one must seek and receive a license or other authorization from the Department or other cognizant U.S. government authority to release ITAR controlled ‘‘technical data,’’ as defined in § 120.10. A release of ‘‘technical data’’ may occur by disseminating ‘‘technical data’’ at a public conference or trade show, publishing ‘‘technical data’’ in a book or journal article, or posting ‘‘technical data’’ to the Internet. This proposed provision will enhance compliance with the ITAR by clarifying that ‘‘technical data’’ may not be made available to the public without authorization. Persons who intend to discuss ‘‘technical data’’ at a conference or trade show, or to publish it, must ensure that they obtain the appropriate authorization.

As readers of Reason know well, Cody Wilson is living proof the government has already been acting on the belief they have this power to prevent certain technical details about gun making from spreading to the Internet without their approval—in Wilson’s case, CAD files to for a 3D printed plastic handgun. And they’ve already been sued for it by Wilson.

So what does gun control have to do with smashing hot libertarian and voluntarist guys?  Not much, I just discovered recently that they’re just basically hotter and I’m shallow.  Kidding…sort of.  Sort of kidding, anyway…they are out there actually DOING things like suing the State Department to advance our rights while the NRA sends out the usual “Write Your Congressmen” #2a letters.


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