Thank You Caitlyn Jenner & Rachel Dolezal for Bringing it to the Table

Today I am FINALLY having some of the best discussion with other women around me and for that reason I thank both of these women for bringing it to the table.

Politics and social activism has perpetuated itself into the scientific realms though use of protocols written to achieve a particular result.  Gender studies are not hard sciences.  When you receive that type of degree you are not flushed into the world or rigorous calculus and the same level of statistics coursework that a neurologist must take.  The research is performed to substantiate a thesis and the tests are conducted and structured with questions to do the same. As tobacco companies proved it is easy to substantiate any theorem if you write the protocol.

Gender, I was told, was a construct.  What I felt inside, my women’s studies professors told me was a result of patriarchal conditioning blah blah blah.

Transwomen are allowed to say what I cannot say, express what I cannot express and not be beaten for not being “feminist” enough.  Their “cred” in the progressive world is the fact that they were born men.  When transwoman Julia Serano says that gender is not performance because she felt like a female on the inside, she’s believed.  When I, a biological woman, says it is not, I’m told that I’m wrong and x,y,z study done in the UK says differently.

In fact, when Elinor Burkett discusses that womanhood is an experience based on having vaginas (not front holes) not instincts, that what I associate with being a woman is simply conditioning and social constructs I begin to think with everything else going on that maybe there is something to all this “The Female Brain” hardwiring stuff.  Given that the brains of transwomen has similarities to that of biological women, maybe we should drop the idea that gender is performance?

Or at least be allowed to question it and not teach it with a religious zeal in our nation’s colleges?

Look most of the days I could not tell you what it feels like to be a woman, I just feel like “me”.  I couldn’t define what it is to be a woman, outside of things feminists don’t want me to identify it by like having babies or getting pregnant.  They’d rather be identify womanhood by external forces like rape or lower salaries.

I grew up with a fist in the air, braless, Gloria Steinem loving feminist and a father too meek to say anything, and yet I’m not.  The most influential people to me didn’t change how I feel inside anymore than straight parents can influence their gay kids to be straight.

And vice versa for the bigots.

i see a baby and something changes inside me.  I see little kids and I want to nurture them.  My extremely butch lesbian friend who hates EVERYTHING feminine told me that she likes kids and is good with babies she just doesn’t want to physically have one.

When pre-Caitlyn Bruce Jenner said he always wanted to wear dresses and loves makeup, feminists deep down cringes, but had to shut up and ignore 20 years of gender studies training in order to conform with the latest progressive pet social issue.

I don’t say that to diminish it, it’s just the latest social issue now that gays have pretty much made it to the table.

Now that the word is on the table we have to look at it, poke it a bit and figure out what it means and acknowledge what hard science has told us for some time–that our brains are different.

And according to neurologists, it is for transpeople, too.

Accepting that men and women are different doesn’t mean you can’t love sports, have to stay home and raise kids, or any of that, it just means that it’s okay if you want to and feel the need to.  As someone with more than one degree, I can tell you I’ve received more peer pressure from people wanting me to not be a stay at home, girlie girl type than those that do.  In fact, no one has pressured me in my entire lifetime to do that.

So I thank Caitlyn Jenner for opening that dialogue that we need to have now before we fuck with evolution too quickly.  It’s a slow process, let it happen.

And Rachel Dolezal also brought a lot of good questions to the table in terms of “what is culture” because race doesn’t exist from a scientific POV.  Given that humans have a lot of sex, the idea of purism or race is likewise negated by animal instinct.  No one is all white, or all black.

But people embrace “blackness” and black culture and it is important to them to have their own separate space.  Most of society would say that they are allowed, but that’s collectivist thinking.

How are we really defined?  By others?  By ourselves?

This woman with just good foundation and a stylist who can perform miracles with perms managed to be so culturally authentic as to become the head of the Seattle NAACP.  Until her parents blew the lid, she was perceived by others as black.  Heck, she perceives herself as black.

I find this fascinating because it opens up the veins–what are we?

  • I think, therefore I am.
  • So believeth a man in his heart, so is the man.
  • You are what you say you are.
  • Believe it and you’ll become it.

Isn’t this the stuff of motivational posters?  She chose to be black and could pass as black.  She chose to be marginalized instead of reaping the benefits of being white.  That’s like a novel waiting to happen, but it’s real.

This week has blown my mind in a good way.


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