Gratutious Self-Promotion Page

Hello Dear Readers, I thought I would take yet another moment to self-promote my writing skills.  I’m certain that the following has become quite obvious by now:

  • I love Jane Austen
  • I am a freelance ghost writer
  • My tone can be frank
  • I am a work in progress

What is not so obvious is that I actually have graduate degrees behind me, and years of writing what some would consider boring old stuff, ie: business development plans, proposals, funding plans, marketing plans, and nonprofit charters.  I wrote what I was told to write, but always in my heart I yearned to breathe free and do something spectacular.

Well, when my charming company was bought out for our foreign offices and we were all laid off I certainly got to breathe free.

I have to say that fresh breathing is not all that it’s cracked up to be.





One thought on “Gratutious Self-Promotion Page

  1. Hello Miss B, I finally found you! I am the one that has been communicating about working on my transcripts into a book…Looks like my email will be shown to you here, but I will give it again anyway:
    Phone # 603-380-4273

    Please contact me via email or phone. I would love to work with you on this project!

    Thank you!!


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