Joss Wheden Quits Twitter in Flurry of SJW Outrage, I Sense a Libertarian Moment Coming

I’m sorry, I can’t help smiling.  Ohhhh, the progressives are so crazy they’re almost cute.  Joss Wheden, in case anyone didn’t know, is a serious left-leaning, pro-gay, pro-strong female lefty who just ate ten tons of shit on Twitter this week for his overly sexual portrayal of the female characters in the Avengers and quit after the death threats got too super cereal.  I LOL.  Seriously.

I’m hoping his inner libertarian that we see at work in Firefly comes out and he quits that whole Democratic mess for good, but I won’t count on it.  He wants to work in Hollywood.  It will probably take his dog being stabbed for him to snap fully out of that mess.

I have very little sympathy tho, despite my Wheden love because I always knew that when you cater to outrage and allow it to move you all over the place you’re going to end up somewhere you don’t like.  The mob is both fickle and excessive.

Dr. Frankenstein, meet your monster…

But but but…the children!  Think of the children.  Oh but it hurts someone’s feelings if you don’t do x,y, z.

Oh brother.

Hurt feelings is when your boyfriend of two years tells you he loves you but he should have gotten laid more in college and needs to break up with you “for a little while” to sow his oats.  Hurt feelings is not seeing Scarjo in a tight body suit and if it is, if it really really fucking hurts you that she’s making a mockery of womanhood or whatever, here’s my advice, sister to sister–

Bitch, you need to snap out of it!

This has gotten ridiculous.  You’re killing all your gods, progressives.  First, Rupaul is cut down for her song Trannychasers when she spent half her life as a “tranny” and proud of it.  Then that Penny from Big Bang Theory says she doesn’t feel like a feminist and eats a shitstorm of  complaints until she had so say she was a feminist again.  Now Joss fucking Whedon?  The dude put gay guys in comics, he put the first positive lesbian relationship on TV even before Ellen.

They’re like the mob of the French Revolution only less cool because they wouldn’t know what “philosophy” meant if someone tattooed it onto Lena Dunham’s upper arm.



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