Caitlyn Jenner and Basic Human Decency

So I was on Twitter today reading to the various bullshittery that occurs each day between partisan nutjobs and wanted to comment on a few things.

First, I don’t care if it’s Prince changing his name to a symbol and back again, or someone who wants to go by their married name after 20 years of not doing it, or if its Bruce deciding that he likes Caitlyn better than Belinda when he made the switch–when people ask you to call them _______________ it really doesn’t matter why in polite society.  Polite people respond to polite requests with grace and respect.

Saying “I’ll call him Bruce” or calling her an “it” or calling her a him–is your hangup.  YOUR hangup.  You have a problem with a polite request.  You probably think its silly, but more likely you’re rebelling against what you perceive is a culture shift.  I get it, but at the same time I don’t think Jesus or the Buddha would be chuckling on social media over refusing to acquiesce to Caitlyn–especially on the day where Washington was doing it’s usual selling us all out thing.

Sell it however you want, but Bruce Jenner wasn’t an arrogant person and it doesn’t seem that Caitlyn is, either.  It seemed like a struggle and whatever else she is feeling right now, changing at 66 years old it deserves some respect.

So haters

Conversely, the people calling for Drake Bell to DIE because he said “still calling him Bruce” are going beyond what is a normal reaction to a dick comment and the continuation of the self-righteous holy rolling of the progressives towards a freak show amplification where DEATH is being called for over fucking words is also insane so

We just let our asshole government remove our rights today with a wimper because we’re battling on fucking TWITTER.

That makes all of us, myself included a huge DICK.  So…yeh…


3 thoughts on “Caitlyn Jenner and Basic Human Decency

  1. Respect, decency and kindness should rule the day, every day. Caitlyn Jenner is a person who has come into the world a new and she deserves better than what she is getting by some.


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