Kaiser, Kit Harrington and Why I Hate Celebitchy

In case you hadn’t read my precious critiques of Kaiser’s Kit critiques, I thought you should know that the Celebitchy blogger “Kaiser” is my mortal enemy.  Never allow a day to go by without dropping a load all over God’s most perfect creation, Kit Harrington.

My Future Husband
My Future Husband

Once more he makes it his job to ridicule Kit.  Ahhh, Kaiser…. always always got to make fun of Kit’s interviews.

Why this time?  Aside from the fact that Satan had sex with Hitler and shit Kaiser out of his bunghole, thus creating a generally ill-tempered person who has nothing nice to say about anyone who isn’t a gym-whore beefcake or Charlize Theoron, Kaiser chooses to make fun of his “dumb” answers to questions posed about GOT by reporters.  Of course the SWJPC horde at Celebitchy eats it up when Kaiser does this–they suck, too.

Kit dodges spoilers by answering the questions in a very noncommittal or misleading way (out of fairness to HBO).   I think we all know that he’s most-likely contractually obligated to adopt a middle of the road response in interviews, but instead of Kaiser acknowledging that he has to shit all over Kit.  Again.

If that is not enough, he uses the absolute Worst, I mean Worst pics of my future husband available on the Interwebz (yes, I’m so mad I used a dated word!!).  Look at this pic!

I mean, still beautiful but not the best photo you could choose.

Kaiser cannot be shamed, nor reasoned with.  At this point there is nothing left I can do but this…

Thanks Klori at Deviant Art

4 thoughts on “Kaiser, Kit Harrington and Why I Hate Celebitchy

  1. :)))) You made my day, I have a dumb smile on my face right now. Well done, girl suport your man! Like in chess game, the Queen protects the King 😉 shame on Kaiser whoever he is, gelous much dude? Please stick to your retirees if you can’t accept there’s a new generation of young actors rocking right now and making millions of people happy with their talent


  2. It’s true! You should write a guest blog on here or we should collaborate somehow. I think Isaac needs to have a more feminine approach to “watching”.

    On an aside, I need a proper hairstyle.


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